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"Securing Your Properties,Yourself & Your Family Is Not All About Security But About Peace Of Mind"

Many people are looking for ways to keep their homes and business premises safer.  This is because a burglary or break in can be devastating leading sometimes to bankcruptcy, bodily injury and  even death.  There are varieties of security systems that are currently available.

At ICON CONTINENTAL GLOBAL SYS' LTD,we practically introduce our clients to efficient state of the art security and fire alarm systems while taken into account their budget limit and security needs.We don't  just market and sell security and fire alarm systems,we do feasiblity studies,site survey,installation and backup service for both individual and corporate clientele.

Automation Products  For Home & Office Security Systems.

When it comes to automation products for home and office security, there are plenty of options to choose
from. Whether you’re looking for a simple electronic door lock for your front and back doors or a full scale high tech security system complete with motion sensors and video surveillance, you’ll find a great deal of variety available for the choosing. It’s important to talk to a professional to get real advice on this, but before you go making phone calls, here is a brief description of some of the common products available for home security; that way, when you make the phone call, you can know a little bit about what we will be talking about instead of being lost in consultation process.


Before we even had any other home automation products, we had locks. Locks have primarily been the means of keeping intruders out for centuries, but with advancements in technology, there have been great improvements in the quality of home & office security locks. Deadbolts and chain locks will always be dead useful in protecting your house (It's akin to handling blank Cheques to Thieves), but even more effective these days are electronic locks that require knowledge of a personalized numerical code to enter the house. Some require digital access or even more complex access indicators before you will be able to open the door.


Obviously, alarms are among the top home security products to be found. There are car alarms, door alarms, motion detector alarms, spy camera alarms, pool alarms, panic alarms, glass break alarms, driveway alarms, travel alarms, window alarms, doorbell chimes…the list goes on. Professionals will be able to explain these to you in detail. And any number of these alarms can be hardwired to your power line system, wired through a new Cat 5 wired system you have installed, or set up as wireless with the wireless network connections in your home. Alarms are incredibly useful home automation products because they can be programmed to alert whoever and however you desire. Many systems are programmed so that the alarm notifies or calls the company with which you’ve set up the system, alerting authorities and police wherever necessary. (That is an excellent route to choose, that of working with an organization of professionals who can help you out when something goes wrong and your home is breached.) You can also have it set up so that if something triggers the alarm, it notifies you directly on your laptop, tablet computer, or smart phone and you can decide what to do about it.


One of the best companions to the security alarm is the home security camera, which can take video surveillance of whatís happening in the area. Once again, you can purchase either a wired or a wireless home security camera system, and it will take footage of whatever you desire. You probably wonít want to watch hours of footage of your house Ė and who has time for that, anyway? Ė but a good way to take advantage of this is to check out what the camera is shooting when the alarm is tripped. That way, you can know right away if itís a burglar attempting to break into your home or office. Even in most astonishing cases it might be just a rogue neighborhour attempting to  breach your privacy.

Home security products wouldnít be complete without safes. For the valuables in your home, itís important to have a special and protected place to keep them. Whether a hidden safe, gun safe, clock safe, or cabinet safe, itís incredibly useful for safeguarding those possessions that need the most protection. And with home automation, safes can be hooked up to the same home security system or alarm system that is protecting the entire home, OR they can be on their own system.

Security Lighting:


Security lighting is effective in warding off criminals, as most are wary of well-lit areas. Lighting can be set to automatically turn on whenever someone approaches the back door or whenever someone enters a room, like a motion detector (discussed next). Professional home security technicians will know exactly how to use security lighting to your best advantage.

Motion Dectector:

Along with the rest, motion sensors or motion detectors are tools that can protect your home. Program them to send a signal to your phone when they detect motion, or have them signal lights and music to turn on and startle any intruders away. A motion detector camera is another good way to go. Once again, feel free to consult us for professional  advice on the best motion detectors and other security needs for your home and office.

Note: For security reasons and the need to avoid compromising  security of our clients,we delibreately omitted sensitive technical details,configurations,parameters,graphics and architectural security network contents of all systems from this page.

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